Labradors are generally used for retrieving game and are considered to be best used as ‘peg’ dogs or for ‘picking up’.  ‘Peg’ dogs are required sit and stay by the side of its owner while he/she is shooting and then once shooting has finished, retrieving what has been shot.    This requires the owner to be able to direct his/her dog to where the game has fallen.

The training requirements for a Labrador are:

• to go out in a straight line and retrieve game some 100/200 yards away
• to be able to direct the dog left or right and back
• to stop on the whistle
• to sit and stay in one place until instructed to go out for a retrieve
• to jump fences and gates
• to retrieve game from any type of ground ie water, woods, bushes
• to walk to heel



Shropshire Gundogs can offer all types of training from obedience training to a fully trained gundog. We offer residential training to a limited number of dogs enabling us to provide the necessary time with each dog to ensure their maximum potential  is brought out. The dogs are taken into the kennels and in the first week of residence all dogs are profiled – assessed as to their suitability to be trained for the tasks expected of them. After this first week the training requirements are discussed with the owner taking into account the age, ability and experience of the dog.

Owners are encouraged to visit on a regular basis to check progress and review the training needs if required. It normally takes between four to six months to train a dog to a reasonable standard, although as you would expect each dog is different. Once the training is completed coaching and instruction are given so that the owner knows how to work the dog correctly, together with any follow up advice or help.




Shropshire Gundogs also provide refresher training for those dogs that have already been fully trained but have picked up a few bad habits or are starting to ignore the commands. These faults are best dealt with before the next season starts.

Shropshire Gundogs has access to Field Trial training days on live game during the shooting season, normally during September/October. This allows for young dogs to move from dummies on to live game.   During the shooting season Kevin maximises the opportunity to train gundogs further by picking up on several local estates.